Sep 7

Reporting on progress

Preparatory Meeting of SOLF 

Sep 6

National Workshop in Vietnam

Jul 6, Hanoi 

National Workshop in the Philippines

Jul 12, Quezon City

Kick-off; Inception Report

Nov 14-25, Vietnam 
Nov 28-Dec 7, Malaysia 
Dec 8-9, Singapore
Dec 12-14, Brunei Darussalam



Schedule and Venue

Project Implementation schedule

4th field survey

Progress Report 

National Workshop in Myanmar

May 31, Naypyitaw 

Discussion on regional collaborative activities to strengthen DRR and CCA integration 

3rd Project Steering Committee (PSC) Meeting

Dec 7, 2016, Vientiane

Field Survey Progress

4th Project Steering Committee (PSC) Meeting

March 1, 2017, Bangkok

Draft Progress Report 

Regional Forum 

5th Project Steering Committee (PSC) Meeting

Sep 4, Bangkok

Sep 5-6, Bangkok

Discussion on the Work Plan for Strengthening DRR and CCA Integration

31st ACDM Meeting and 5th ASEAN Ministerial Meeting on Disaster Management (AMMDM)

Oct 17-19, Lao PDR

Endorsement of the Work Plan 

Senior Official-Level Forum

Nov 16, Jakarta

Discussion on the collaborative activities of the Work Plan

7th Project Steering Committee (PSC) Meeting

Dec 6, Bangkok (TBC)

Draft Final Report

January 2018

Final Report

Project Outline

Targeted Disasters

Targeted disaster of the CN20 Project are flood, storm, rain-induced landslide and drought reflecting the significance of these disasters in ASEAN as highlighted in the following two figures. According to ASEAN documents, ASEAN suffers damage in excess of USD4.4 billion each year on average as a consequence of natural hazards (AADMER 2016); during the period of 2004 to 2014, the region contributed to more than 50% of the total global disaster fatalities, or 354,000 of the 700,000 deaths in disasters worldwide (ASEAN Vision 2025 on Disaster Management); and with this new normal, there is a need to anticipate and prepare for the unknown, such as unprecedented risks and unanticipated affected areas, magnified by climate change (AADMER 2016).

Number of disaster affected people in ASEAN

Types of disasters in ASEAN in last 30 years (1987-2016)

Assessment Framework

The Project Team assessed the situation of DRR and CCA integration in the institutional and policy framework in each ASEAN Member State using an assessment framework consisting of four categories, namely institutional and policy development (including policies, laws and regulations; management system; and financial arrangement), risk assessment, planning and implementation, and capacity building. The assessment framework was formulated based on the key words extracted from the aims and specific objectives of the CN20 Project that also corresponds to the Priorities for Action of the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction 2015-2030 as shown in the following table:  

Institutional and policy development

Financial arrangement

Details of the assessment framework with the review points are given in the following table:

Assessment categories for DRR and CCA integration 

Assessment framework of institutional and policy framework on DRR and CCA integration

Implementation schedule

The CN20 Project was implemented by the following schedule: 

2nd Project Steering Committee (PSC) Meeting

Jul 27, 2016, Bangkok

1st field survey

Aug 1-12, 30-31, Sep 1-6, Thailand
Aug 15-26, Lao PDR

3rd field survey

Jan 9-20, 2017, Indonesia
Jan 23-Feb 3, the Philippines 

Jan 9-20, 2017, Indonesia
Jan 23-Feb 3, the Philippines 

30th ACDM Meeting and 
AADMER Partnership Open Session

8th Meeting of the ACDM WG on Prevention and Mitigation

6th Project Steering Committee (PSC) Meeting

Nov 15, Jakarta

Policies, laws and regulations

Priority 2


2nd field survey

Sep 19-30, Myanmar
Oct 4-18, Cambodia

Management system

Detailed visiting schedule of relevant agencies and field surveys is shown in the following tables and figure:

Implementation Schedule

The CN20 Project was implemented by the following schedule: 

Sites visited by the Project Team