Press Release: ĵֱ Continues Flight Operations for New Teros


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ĵֱ Press Releases

ĵֱ Continues Flight Operations for New Teros Group 4/5 UAV

ĵֱ TEROS Group 4/5 UAV Continues Flight Tests on the Way to New Customer Delivery

Rome, NY, January 29, 2020 – ĵֱ (ĵֱ) announced today successful flight testing of the ĵֱ TEROS Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, Technology Demonstrator. The flight took place at the ĵֱ Unmanned Aerial Systems Flight Operations and Training Center at the Griffiss International Airport in Rome, NY. The TEROS UAV flew for approximately 1.5 hrs in both manual and autonomous flight profiles successfully testing the aircraft systems / avionics suite.

TEROS is a Group 4/5 Medium Altitude Long Endurance UAV designed in collaboration with Sonex Aerospace of Oshkosh, WI. Its rugged, aerobatic design and flexible “Plug and Play Payload” capability enables the TEROS to carry multiple payloads up to 600 pounds at high altitudes for extended periods. TEROS was built to FAA Part 23 (structure and systems) and MIL F 83691 (flight characteristics) standards.

“Today’s successful flight is a huge step toward reaching our ultimate goal of TEROS approval for integration into the National Airspace.” said Richard Leverich, Senior Program Engineer, ĵֱ.

The TEROS is undergoing preparation for follow-on envelope expansion flight testing. ĵֱ and Sonex will continue to consider improvements to be integrated into the next production update.

Florida Power & Light recently featured the TEROS during their Super Bowl Halftime commercial. The commercial can be found at .

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