Products and Services


Networking Assessment & Management

A ĵֱ ITC Network assessment will analyze your current infrastructure, network speeds, design, equipment and wiring to identify any weaknesses or vulnerabilities. We will determine whether it is optimized to handle current and future business requirements and identify possible improvements. You will get a roadmap detailing the most cost-effective upgrades and solutions for your unique circumstances.

system assessments

System Assessments & Services

Servers, operating systems, clients, licensing, software, virtual machines, backup solutions, file sharing, domains - our technical specialists analyze it all. ĵֱ ITC will identify any vulnerabilities, performance inhibitors, or deviance from best practices. At your request, we can install, configure, and maintain servers to satisfy your needs and prevent future IT issues that your company may face.

security solutions

Security Solutions

Working with some of our country's most demanding government and military institutions has given ĵֱ ITC an incredible understanding of security. When done right, proper security demands a proactive approach rather than a reactive one. We know the tactics used to compromise data, disrupt operations, and cause your business to incur financial losses. ĵֱ ITC provides robust IT security solutions to defend against Cyber Attacks.

unified communications

Unified Communication & Collaborations

ĵֱ ITC is here to help you capitalize on the available technologies that improve the sharing of ideas and information. We offer unified communication tools such as Email, Instant Messaging, Video Teleconferencing, Voice Over IP and SharePoint that can be used simultaneously to increase productivity. This can lead to big wins in product development, operation efficiency and client satisfaction.

secure web hosting

Secure Website Hosting

ĵֱ ITC offers secure web hosting for Microsoft and Linux based websites and applications. These services include content storage, high access speeds, and guaranteed uptime. In addition, ĵֱ ITC allows full control over the webpages, including custom scripting and server side code creation and execution. Our highly experienced team of professionals will provide the most efficient web hosting services to accommodate your needs.

hardware and software acquistion and integration

Hardware & Software Acquisition & Integration

ĵֱ ITC will research and uncover competitively-priced solutions for all your hardware and software needs. We will also provide installation and maintenance services at your request. We understand the business requirements of our customers and align appropriate hardware offerings while maintaining price, quality and service. ĵֱ ITC partners with vendors such as CDW, Zones, Microsoft, Cisco, HP and Dell.

media and smart room automation

Media & Smart Room Automation

Conference and training rooms, video conferencing, digital signage, HD displays, projectors, drop-down screens, video walls, presentation tools, audio applications - you name it! Our experienced technicians can integrate your choice of automation into your existing infrastructure. Just tell us your requirements and we’ll detail a wide array of technologies suitable to meet your necessities.

helpdesk and technical support

Help Desk & Technical Support

ĵֱ ITC provides experienced technicians to manage your support requirements. Our help desk solution is fully customizable and offers an "after hours" support option. Whether its technical assistance over the phone or via email, providing accurate information on IT products and services, or remote troubleshooting, our highly-responsive ĵֱ ITC team will make sure that any technical issues are resolved quickly.